QUINALDINE 98% (For Synthesis)

Article No Q-07473
CAS No 91-63-4
HSN Code 29339900
Purity Min. 98.0%
Grade For synthesis
Molecular Formula C10H9N
Molecular Weight 143.19
Shelf Life 5 years




QUINALDINE 98% (For Synthesis)

100 ml

QUINALDINE 98% (For Synthesis)

500 ml


Description Clear, pale yellow coloured liquid with characteristic odour
Assay Min. 98.0%
Wt /ml at 20°C 1.055 - 1.060 g
Solubility in water (% weight) Partially soluble in water
Melting point/Freezing point (° C) -9 to -3°C
Boiling point (° C) 105-107°C
Flash point 78-80°C